17 things you should be doing other than applying to jobs

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For a lot of people, searching for a job means updating your résumé and then submitting dozens of applications, day after day, hoping you’ll get a job.

If that sounds like you, you could be unnecessarily slowing down your job search.

A job search is the perfect time to connect with people in your field, learn or upgrade a skill, and reflect on what you really want to do professionally.

Here are 17 things you should be doing in addition to applying to jobs.

  1. Work on your portfolio
  2. Customize your résumé or cover letter
  3. Join an online group related to your career interests
  4. Take an online course
  5. Interact with companies and thought leaders on social media
  6. Post your thoughts and observations about something career-related to social media
  7. Reflect on your personal values, passions, skills, and experiences and figure out where and how you might be able to use them
  8. Audit your social media profiles and remove or make private any content you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see
  9. Let friends, family, and colleagues know you’re looking for work
  10. Mentor and encourage other people in their careers or job searches
  11. Set up informational interviews with people who have the kind of job you want or work at a company you’re interested in
  12. Talk to a career coach or counsellor
  13. Practice your interview skills with a friend or an online question bank
  14. Send follow up emails to people you interviewed with to ask for an update on the hiring process
  15. Attend a job fair
  16. Attend a career development workshop or webinar
  17. Send thank you emails to people who interviewed you

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Harley Pellowe

Harley Pellowe

Founder of Search City