7 tips to be more productive during your job search

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You’ve probably heard that when you’re unemployed, looking for a job is your full-time job.

It can be hard spending 8 hours a day on your job search when it feels like you’re not seeing results, though.

How you structure your day can make a big difference in how productive and motivated you are in your job search.

Here are 7 tips I’ve used to help me organize my own daily schedule.

1. End each day by finding new job ads

If you just spent most of the day submitting applications, emailing contacts, and exploring career options, by 4:00 your brain will probably feel like mush.

That makes it the perfect time to do mindless tasks like surfing job boards and saving interesting ones in your Search City application tracker.

2. Start each day by applying to jobs

A lot of people find they are most productive first thing in the morning. Take advantage of this by doing your most mentally taxing work during the morning.

Start each day by applying to the jobs you saved yesterday. (See how doing it this way prevents you from wasting your most productive hours on surfing job boards?)

3. Take a break

It might seem counter-intuitive, but taking breaks can actually make you more productive and is good for your mental and emotional health.

Use a free tool like TomatoTimer to help you know when to take a break and when to focus on work.

Schedule in breaks of different lengths throughout the day. Use this time to talk to people, walk around, or go outside.

4. Add variety

If you’re like me, you can’t stand doing the same repetitive task for hours on end.

Instead, break up your day into smaller time blocks and use them for different job search activities.

5. Theme your days

If you prefer to dedicate large blocks of time to each activity type, consider giving each day a theme. Like this…

Mondays could be for finding and tracking jobs you want to apply to.

Tuesdays could be for applying to the jobs you found on Monday.

Wednesdays could be for networking.

Thursdays could be for taking an online course or developing career-related skills.

Fridays could be for self-discovery, soul-searching, and exploring different career options.

6. Colour-code your calendar events

If your calendar app supports it, choose a unique colour for your job search calendar events.

It will help them stand out, especially if your calendar is full of events and reminders.

7. Use event reminders

It can be hard to get into a new routine. Use calendar event reminders to help kickstart your new schedule.

After a while, you’ll find you don’t need the reminders anymore.

How do you schedule your days while job searching? Let me know in the comments below or send me an email at

Harley Pellowe

Harley Pellowe

Founder of Search City