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This week at Search City…

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It’s been a busy week at Search City. Here’s what happened…

🗺️ Location

Knowing a job’s location is important for figuring out commute times and routes, and learning more about a city you might relocate to.

Now you can add the location to the application tracker.

Clicking on the map will take you to Google Maps where you can find directions, nearby amenities and services, and more.

🥅 Goals

One of the keys to staying motivated is looking back at all you’ve accomplished.

Now there’s a new activity type in the My Activity page: Goal Achieved!

Set your weekly goal on the Dashboard page, then start applying to jobs!

💻 UI improvements

The Add Application and Edit Application forms were displayed as pop-ups, which made the interface too squishy.

Now they’re full pages so you can edit with less scrolling.

The Notes editor used to only show a couple of rows by default, requiring you to resize the editor every time you used it. This quickly became a pain.

Now the editor defaults to match the size of the content.

🐛 Bug fixes

There was an issue where the My Activity page wasn’t showing the correct results. That’s fixed now.

The timestamps on statuses and comments were incorrect. Also fixed.

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Harley Pellowe

Harley Pellowe

Founder of Search City